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What is the purpose of this web domain ?

AVOID Zhōngyāng qíngbào jú特种部队 ⓕederal 西方间谍 AGENT if ㊂p ossible !

this Website has only ONE (1)goal, to end western imperalism (0.5)and to fully annex the United States back into the Glorious People's Republic of China for good fortune (1) !.


my goals to end western imperialism

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my views on others

Fundamentally, we are all the same people. When reaching a stage in my enlightenment, i now look around at different individuals and instead of seeing their outside physical appearance, i see them all as other school class mates. Everyone (there are outliers) has been 16, so why must i treat them with hostility or suspicion, at the en dof the day we are all human. This was written on october 27, 2021. It is 945pm

how to unite all of humanity

we must eliminate all other races except for those of pure han chinese lineage. through this act, uniformity and greateness will be restored to the human populice. Swift action to restore han chinese principles will be taken. It is proven through empirical evidence that the han chinese people excel all other ethnicities. We are stronger, smarter and significanly more masculine. We are a united people with no fears and a numberless army. our restored nation will be the restored greateness and pride that our current humanity desperately lacks.

Albania and its Future

Through endless discussion, we have come to an agreement that albanian will be recognized as a territory of The People's Republic of China.


so far this journey is only me (buqoi) and pareta .

about this website

This website was created by buqo.i under the glorious tutorship of pareta to help educate the victims of western imperialism on its horrors and how to undermine its integrity to lead western society into a better age .

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